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 December 28th 2003 began this bright new adventure for me by becoming the owner and DJ of a little radio station on the internet... With the help of June in the UK and Jere in Prescott, we began to build our radio station . June and Jere have been with me from day one, without them none of this would have happened for me. Not even knowing what we were doing , we soon began to build this small web station for country classic music. with just 500 songs on the play list. The orginal idea was to play just classic country music with a special on Fridays with a show for pop 50's and 60's music. I wanted to have a show where people would come every day and just enjoy themselfs and laugh, along with listening to some great music. Never did I ever believe that we would soon become more than just a little country classic station . As the weeks went by we were adding a little bit of all forms of music.The more we added the more the listeners wanted to hear. More and more listeners were joining us from all parts of the world. June worked everyday all day getting ,more and more songs for the play list, from all parts of the world . And at that time i was only running the station from a dial up motem, and so was June.. but for almost 8 hours a day she would download music and send it to me. Being 5 hours difference between the UK and Prescott, Michigan, June would be up three to four hours before me sending me the music for the day. and I would make sure everyday all the songs she was sending was being placed on the play list,, and building a web site for our radio station at the same time.,,, soon the list was hitting 4000 and that amazed us all. Hard work , yes it was but it worth every minute of it . I love music anything to do with music and I wanted to share this with everyone listening I wanted to have the best music being played out there in the web. As June and I were building up the play list and building the web site Jere was promoting the station . An Peggy in alaska was added to the staff as her and Jere designed the logo for the t-shirts for the station. Problems everyday came up where we didnt think we could go on but every one stayed with me.. through all the buffering in and out of the station getting cut off line all the time,, they never gave up on me as soon as I connected back up to the station there everyone was waiting for us to start broadcasting again. At one time I was just ready to quit and if it had not been for what one man said to me I would have..Barrys support of everything I was doing kept me going . I began to push harder to have the best web site and music on the radio , nothing was going to stop me now , nothing.. I realized all of the people that were helping me from day one worked too hard to keep this station going.. for me to give up . I then decided to change the name of the radio station . I am very proud to say I am the Owner and DJ of the New KHBW Radio ,, Playing all the greatest music from the U.S.A. and the great Country of the U.k. I have the best staff working for me now that any station would be proud to have working for them, we have recently added Diane in Clinton Township , Michigan,, she also helps my Music Coorantor ,June, by sendng in 50's and 60's music. Each and everyone of these fine peolpe are dedicated, to making this the best station there ever was. Besides Barry there was another very special person helping me in the background , My mom she was my number one fan, she loved talking on the air with Jere and me, and helping on the web pages. Althought we will all miss her dearly she is still a big part of KHBW Radio and always will be. Now KHBW Radio is once again changing and for the better . Our new web site here at the AOL Hometown. I Think this is the best move we could have made, and the site well I'm really proud of the site. You can tell as you surf through our pages. The other thing is we are no longer on dial up connection , which means the buffering problems should disappear ,, or be very little now. Oh and the play lists well we are now over 7000 songs and still adding more and more every day. So for this girl who loves music and wants to share it with everyone , my dream is finally coming true. And there is more to come so stay tuned for more updates. I would like to thank June in the Uk for being there for me through everything. We have gone through a lot together and it looks like we are coming out on the top. Love you June. Jere , what can i say about my best freind Jere, she watches me like a hawk but i dont mind , she only wants whats best for me. love ya Jere, dont every forget that , I might end up miles away but I will always feel you with me, Peggy , my dear freind , You and Patrick will always be one of my close freinds, no matter where I am you are as much a part of KHBW as the rest of us. and always will be my soul sister , Diane the newest member of Khbw staff. One of these days girl we will find your song "Tv's Gone, thank you for all your support and sticking with us.

Update!! As of November 1 2008 our homepage will be moving to    http://khbwcountryradio.co.uk/  and http://www.freewebs.com/khbwcountryradio/

The KHBW Web site at AOL Hometown will no longer be.

DJ Linda K