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KHBW Country Radio
Welcomes the artists
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To The world of Country Music
There are so many artist in the world today
that just need a break ,  We at KHBW Country Radio
are striving to do just that.

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        Michael Dimitri 11/06               Anita Perras 11/06               Justin Honaman 11/06                Laini Risto 11/06


       Sean Patrick McGraw 12/06                Red Hurely 12/06                         Eric Dodge 11/06                   Fernand Casa 12/06


             Donna Ray 12/06                            Glenn Williams  12/06                       Alex Lowe 12/06            Mitchell Oglesby 12/06


           Dave Caley  12/06                                 Carolann 'B'  12/06                         Matt Damon Walker 12/06                      


Dave Caley — compared in likeness to Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan —this awesome singer-songwriter and talent makes for a complete package in music. With his genuine love for God and mankind, add the fact that he is also a multi-talented individual, and right away his charm and personality draws you to his music. Introduced to HMG Nashville by our friend, Keith Bradford, President and CEO of KMA Records, Nashville, Dave Caley is pure country. His new single “God’s Grand Ole Opry” will have you up on your feet and movin.’ Close your eyes as he calls name after name of country music heroes and

legends who have already made the cut and crossed on over to the other side. “God’s Grand Ole Opry” has been released to Country, Bluegrass, and Christian Country radio by HMG. It is awesome to work with Dave Caley and Keith Bradford of KMA Records. Radio, be ready for this special single, “God’s Grand Ole Opry,” and your audience will thank you.

      Luann Tunner 12/06               David Blackmore 12/06               The Cedars 12/06                    Rig The Gig 12/06


               Jimmy Buckley 12/06               Tom Russell 12/06                    Terry Moore 12/06               Dale Ann Bradley 12/06


                   Dale Black 12/06                                               C.W.Colt 12/06                                          Griffith & Cross 12/06           


                   Devon Anderson 12/06                            Sheppard,Jarvis & Mason 12/06                             Ricky Lee 12/06